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Love Never Dies: A Zombie Love Story

Tawn Krakowski

Even in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse...true love never dies.



This one-shot special is set in the remains of a world devastated by the zombie apocalypse. One man left his wife and children rather than face what they had become, while another—maybe not so different—man clings desperately to the life he once had.


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About the Author


Tawn Krakowski

Born and raised in Illinois yet inexplicably filled with Aloha Spirit, Tawn is a wife, mother, pilot, entrepreneur, writer and an almost insufferable optimist.  At www.totallytawn.wordpress.com, you can bear witness to her foray into writing from the first words sheepishly cast into cyberspace and beyond.


Now, sit down, buckle up (safety always comes first) and prepare to peek inside the workings of Tawn's imagination.  And please, tell her what you think.


"As you give, so too shall you receive." - some really smart dude inaccurately quoted by Tawn.


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