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by Darius Powell
Season 1    [18]    Drama / Action

Sometimes even a detective needs to commit a few small crimes to solve a big one.


by Arthur W. Johnson
Season 1    [15]   Historical / Drama

Fictional accounts of real life journeys in the New World, shaping both personal lives and history.


by Joseph Gatch
Season 2    [15]    Action / Comedy / Historical

Piracy the old fashioned way…this isn’t an amusement park ride.



by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 1    [18]    Action / Drama

If Joey can’t reign in his new partner, Sara, it might mean the end for both of them.


by Edgar White
Season 2    [18]    Supernatural / Horror

When dreams invade reality, and insanity seems close behind, Maria finds herself in the midst of a chaotic battle for the fate of the world.

by Joseph Gatch
Season 2    [15]    Action / Comedy / Historical

More high seas adventure…without the yo ho ho.



by M.L. Miller
Season 1    [12]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy

Only the Guardian can balance Earth and Gildain and save both from destruction.


by Tristi Pinkston
Season 1    [U]    Mystery / Comedy

Fifth volume in the Estelle Watkins Mystery series.


by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 3   [18]    Horror / Mystery

When the shadows of your deepest nightmare come to life to chase you down, you can try to run, but will never make it far with ice in your lungs.



by Neil MacDonald
Season 1    [18]    Fantasy / Historical

What is goodness? Princes, peasants, statesmen, and storytellers are all faced with this question in a tale of intrigue, war, and revolt.


by Charles Eades
Season 1    [12]    Modern Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Sometimes it takes an animal – or three – to teach us what it means to be human, and maybe even…a superhero.


by Montgomery Thompson
Season 1    [PG]    Sci-Fi / Comedy

Taking over a world isn’t as easy as you think – not when an inquisitive ten-year-old and several locals are determined to save their planet.




by James Hellvig
Season 3    [15]    Sci-fi / Comedy

Being a smart teenager is hard….being too smart in the not-too-distant-future could be lethal.


by Myssah Lee & Ray M. Beasley
Season 6    [18]    Sci-fi / Action

Love and survival in a violent new world.


A BigWorldNetwork Author Collaboration

Journey from an unfortunate future to the distant past and back again, where the fate of mankind rests on the choices of one man.



by Jared Quan
Season 4    [18]    Supernatural / Horror

Silver plated .45 in one hand and a black barrel Desert Eagle in the other, Ryan’s best weapon against what goes bump in the night might just be himself.


by Derick William Dalton
Season 1    [15]    Action / Sci-Fi

Ranyk isn’t cut out for political espionage, but if he doesn’t learn fast, it could mean his freedom, the safety of forty thousand colonists, and the lives of his friends.



by M.L. Miller

You never can tell when you might find yourself…in the Worlds Below.



by Berin Stephens
Season 4    [12]    Young Adult / Superhero

There are times when even a sidekick can reach deep within themselves and discover the hero within.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 3    [15]    Fantasy / Action

An eastern wind brings demons to the shores of the western kingdoms.


by Lucy Bell

Saving the world doesn’t always mean following the rules, not for Guardian Billie Morgan.

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