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by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 2 [18] Sci-fi / Drama / Action

The miracle of life, the terror of death.

by David Talon
Season 2 [18] Fantasy / Drama

With the help of Ghostdog, a man with the power to walk the Shadowlands, Lady Sword-son is destined to forge a new dynasty in the fires of civil war.


by Jacqueline Harmon Butler
Season 2 [18] Romance / Drama

Unexpected love turns Julie’s world upside down, while twists and turns of fate send her on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.


by Joseph Gatch
Season 3 [15] Action / Comedy / Historical

Some heroes are born, others are groomed. This is the story of one who is trained by the best to become a swashbuckler.


by May Woodworth
Season 2 [15]
Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Romance

Will Earth be sacrificed to join these twin flame soul mates?

by Leigh Lincoln
Season 2 [15] Drama

Home is not always what we think.



by Charles Eades
Season 1 [12] Fantasy

A modern retelling of the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk.


by Amelia Kibbie
Season 2 [15] Young Adult / Fantasy / Action

A Cinderella with ambitions beyond a prince and happily ever after. She didn’t lose a glass slipper — she left behind a bloody dagger.

by Philip C. McCormac
Season 2 [PG] Young Adult / Sci-Fi

Trapped between Megacities and the Wildness in a brave new Britain, can two young siblings find the last land of peace and harmony?



by M. Jones
Season 1 [18] Action / Drama
A twisted collage of insanity and murder, where the perception of what we believe to be true is shattered in the face of what is.


by Neil MacDonald
Season 5    [18]    Fantasy / Historical

What is goodness? Princes, peasants, statesmen, and storytellers are all faced with this question in a tale of intrigue, war, and revolt.


by Philip McCormac
Season 4    [15]    Fantasy / Action / Historical

Marley does not believe he is destined for anything great, but when called upon by the angels of heaven, he may prove to turn the tides of history.



by Philip Skousen
Season 4    [15]    Supernatural

An eye for an eye… What if God enforced that infamous verse?

by Amanda Meuwissen
Season 2 [15] Gay Romance / Supernatural / Young Adult

The last thing Emery expected at the end of his senior year of high school was to become a vampire and fall in love with his best friend.


by Jennifer Wright
Season 3 [15] Hystorical / Drama

Bigger doesn’t always mean better if you lose sight of yourself along the way.



by Montgomery Thompson
Season 4    [15]    Sci-Fi / Action

Humans have existed for only a tiny fraction of Earth’s 4.2 billion year history…or so we thought.

by E.T. Mills
Season 1 [12] Fantasy / Comedy

It’s tournament time! Hire a hunky hero, throw in a chunky minstrel, and see where the next quest sweeps you.


A BigWorldNetwork Author Collaboration

Journey from an unfortunate future to the distant past and back again, where the fate of mankind rests on the choices of one man.



by Riley Amos Westbrook and Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 3 [18] Action / Drama

Thomas tries to keep himself and his sister alive after the world ends.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 2    [15]    Fantasy / Action

The greatest commander the church has ever known finds himself to be mankind’s greatest hope for survival.


by Berin Stephens

Myrick the Magnificent relates tales of his magic socks and his days serving as a messenger for the Kingdom of Fringolia.

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