Binging for bibliophiles!

How to binge read for beginners: An introduction to serial literature..

Watching a television series all in one shot, or binge watching, is a common thing these days, whereas five years ago it was unheard of. Services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and others allow people to watch movies and other programming at your leisure.

Why shouldn’t you be able to do that with books?

Our writers are crafting their stories in a way that will appeal to those who love good stories and love the episodic layout of television.

Each story, or ‘e-series’, on our site is released one chapter, or ‘episode’, per week in a 12 week run called a ‘season’.

So go on, pick out your favorite story. Browse our rerun and mini-series sections. Read to your heart’s content. Leave a comment for the author if you’d like. Come back often, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new content.

Binge on books with us.


This is Us.

Not every writer has the same opportunities. Writers workshops, professional editing, and layout are pricey. There’s also the constant discouragement that comes with rejection.

We recognize that there are writers who lack representation. They also do not have the services they need to achieve their publishing goals and be successful.

We, at Big World Network, are dedicated to helping them meet those goals. We seek to provide an equal opportunity to educate, collaborate, assist, and motivate. Providing opportunities and support for the underrepresented and underserved writers in the industry.

Our involvement with writers and their stories does not end there.

In addition to putting great stories on our website, we’re also a publisher.

After an  e-series runs four or five seasons, it is released as both an ‘Author’s 1st Edition’ paperback and ebook, including new material not available on the website.

The catch? Well, there isn’t one. We never ask our writers for a cent. Not for editing, layout, or cover design.


Our Mission.

At Big World Network, we seek out quality writing, providing support to the under represented and underserved writers in the industry.


The Founders

Big World Network was, and still is, sustained by a collective of writers, editors, and narrators. In the beginning, it took three people to handle the site, manage the deadlines for the editors and narrators, lay out books and ebooks, create book covers, and perform a myriad of other tasks that went into running the business.

Without these three people, Big World Network would not exist.


Jim McGovern President and CEO 2011 – 2016

Jim’s parents were both English Professors, and although he majored in Creative Writing while attending Ashland University in Ohio, writing was not his first love. Leaving college after three years, Jim continued his education in a completely different direction by becoming an airline transport pilot and flying professionally for over a decade before founding in 2011.

A self-proclaimed technology junkie, web designer, and writer, Jim spent five years committed to growing and expanding BWN across many electronic and print formats as the world’s premiere episodic literary network.


Amanda Meuwissen COO and Managing Editor 2011 – 2016

Amanda is the author of The Incubus SagaThe Collector and Life as a Teenage Vampire.  She also served as the COO and Managing Editor for until 2016. Overseeing the editing and series selection for the site, as well as being involved in marketing and promotion. She was also featured as a narrator for several BWN series.



Mario Hernandez CTO and Technical Editor 2011 – 2016

A “certified” geek, movie frequenter, and self-taught tech guy, Mario found a happy home at creating and imagining the look and feel of the series cover art, the BWN website,  laying out all the finished anthologies for print, and so much more!


Our Board of Directors



Jared Quan

Executive Director, Board of Directors

Jared Quan is an Author/Narrator/Video Game addict who writes and is published in several genres, from Spy-Thriller to Horror/Supernatural to Fantasy-Comedy.

He currently serves as President for the League of Utah Writers, Chair of the West Jordan Arts Council, Executive Director for the non-profit publisher, and full-time employee for the local tech firm VLCM. He has been recognized by the President of the United States for his volunteer work with the President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award for his [MSDr1] over 500 hours of service in 2016.

In 1996-1997, he served in Upper State New York as an LDS Missionary and wrote his first book, Ezekiel’s Gun (Spy/Thriller), which was published in 2010. He has written for Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, and for his favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers, and later for the Utah Jazz.

Jared was picked up by BigWorldNetwork where he published his second (and most popular) book Changing Wax (Fantasy/Comedy) in 2012. Since then, he has published three books, Classified (Horror/Supernatural), Pathological Passion (Futuristic/Romance/Steampunk, which he co-wrote with his wife), and Unclasified (Horror/Supernatural).

Jared currently resides in Eagle Mountain with his wife and five children.

In between these responsibilities he plays every style of game from FPS, RPG, to Simulation.

He would love to play any video game with you (you can find him online under his gamer tag “Resadur164” which he has had since 1998), or talk sports, or work with you on a volunteer project (just email him at


Tawn Krakowski

Board Member

Born and raised in Illinois yet inexplicably filled with Aloha Spirit, Tawn is a wife, mother, and an almost insufferable optimist.  A voracious reader from an early age, she is a sucker for horror, science fiction, and fantasy, although the she is always on the prowl for anything new and exciting.   

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management, and has worked as a both a cargo and charter jet pilot, a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies franchise owner, and a voice actor for various audiobook projects.  She is the author of four books published through Big World Network intended for readers ranging from children to mature, but all are primarily written in the fantasy genre.

All things Tawn can be found at  Just don’t try to talk to her before she’s had her coffee.  She can be a bit of a dragon in the morning.

Our Company Officers


James Thompson

President and CEO

James Thompson is an Author and Narrator. He is also a Book/Movie/Board and Role-Playing Game addict. He writes in the modern fantasy/supernatural genre.

Born and raised in Arizona, James developed a love of legends of the Southwest. He also grew to love studying the myths and legends of other cultures.

In 2012 James’s book first book, Lineage,  was picked up by

James currently lives in Salt Lake City where he serves as a chapter president for the League of Utah Writers. He works as a substitute in the circulation department for the Salt Lake County Library System, and is the CEO of Big World Network. In 2016 he was recognized by the President of the United States for his volunteer work with the President’s Bronze Volunteer service award.

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