We are OPEN for submissions!

We are currently accepting new submissions. Please feel free to explore our submission requirements below.

Submission Requirements



We welcome submissions in any fiction genre that lends itself well to serialization. We will also consider nonfiction, but only if it works in an episodic serialized format. Please no picture books.

All submissions must be previously unpublished, self-publishing included. Your work must run a minimum length of one season or twelve episodes and may run for as many episodes/seasons as it needs for completion. (Episode = Chapter. See our About Us page for a detailed explanation). A Big World Network series can be comprised of a single book, or a series of books (initially submit only the first book in set). If you have multiple unrelated works, you may submit them simultaneously, but with separate submissions for each work.

Word Count Requirements: Each episode must be 1200-3000 words in length. Period. We do not
draw a firm line on the total word count of your book, but before you submit please do refer to
industry standards for your genre—we certainly will.

Many Big World Network series go on to become published paperbacks, eBooks, and
audiobooks, with royalties paid to authors and narrators. You will always retain copyright to the
written version of your story.

Before You Submit

First: have a finished product, (we are not looking for proposals).

Second: carefully edit your story and have at least one other person edit it. (nothing professional required just try and send us your most polished work).

Third: have a third party or ‘beta reader’ read it for plot continuity. (It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes read your work).

To Become a Series Writer

Your submission to Big World Network should include the following:

  1. A query letter. Please begin your query with a one to two sentence pitch describing the major plot of your story. Tell us the title, genre, and word count of your book, and give us an enticing two to three paragraph summary of it. Please also tell us the average word count for each episode and how many episodes your story will be. If you plan to write sequels, tell us how many (if you know) and give us the main gist of the series. We also want to know about you, so please tell us a bit about yourself.If you have questions about how to write a query letter, you can find a lot of information here and elsewhere online that may be helpful.
  2. List your author website and social media links. In this market, you must be promoting yourself and your work. If you haven’t started on this, START NOW.
  3. The first three episodes (chapters) of your book. The manuscript should be in Times New Roman, 12pt font, and double-spaced. Submit it as a Microsoft Word document. List episode word count at the beginning of each episode.

How to Submit

Your submission(s) should be sent via email to Theresa Pocock, Submissions Editor, at submissions and should include a statement that you have read and agree to the linked release form with the current version number HERE. The subject line of your email should read “Submission, Your Name, Your Title”.


Please do not send us attachments. Paste all materials in the body of your email.



What Happens Next?

If we want to see more after reviewing your submission, we will request your complete
manuscript and a synopsis. Your synopsis will be our series map and will help us determine your
aptness as a plotter of serials. Don’t get fancy. Just write a one to three sentence description of
each episode and format it all in a way that makes it easy to digest.


Other ways to contribute

Many talented individuals have joined the Team to assist in other areas, including editing, narration, cover art, graphic design, web design, publicity, and marketing. If you would like to help in ways other than writing, or have any additional questions about the site, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Big World Network.