We are CLOSED for submissions!

We are not currently accepting new submissions. Please check back, as submissions will reopen soon.  In the mean time, feel free to explore our submission requirements below.

Submission Requirements

DAwriter300X250We are seeking both fiction (all genres and sub-genres) and non-fiction, not previously published, well-written material that will keep our readers and listeners returning. We offer a supportive and fun environment with an easy to work with editing staff, and you will always retain copyright to the written version of your story. Many series go on to become published paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks with royalties paid to authors and narrators. As we grow, we hope to offer additional compensation as well, but it is important that submitting authors want to be a part of something new and special, and enjoy writing beyond a source of revenue.

Before You Submit

Before sending your submission in, please review the following list.

First: have a finished product, (we are not looking for proposals).

Second: carefully edit your story and have at least one other person edit it. (nothing professional required just try and send us your most polished work).

Third: have a third party or ‘beta reader’ read it for plot continuity. (It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes read your work).

To become a series writer

Your submission to Big World Network should include the following:

1) a basic query letter. This letter should tell us basic information about your story (title, genre, word count, inspiration), have a brief description of your series concept or ‘pitch’ (2 sentences at the most), a 2-3 paragraph summary, (don’t leave out conflicts/resolution, this should make us care about your characters and desire to see them through your story). Last in the letter we need to know what social media efforts you are involved in to promote your work and yourself, (facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs you run, etc.). Please include links.

If you’re unsure where to begin, or are having a difficult time with your query letter, here is a tutorial:

2)  attach the first 3 episodes (or chapters). Each episode should be approximately 4 to 10 pages long, Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

If accepted during this preliminary stage, you will be asked to provide the remaining 9 episodes of your first 12 episode season. You can take as long as you wish on the remaining episodes, but we will not move forward until we have the full 12. If we sign off on the series after receiving the remaining episodes, you will be given a seasonal contract for the next available launch. Series can be anywhere from 1 season to as many as it takes to tell the story, and authors are able to take a season off when needed.

How to Submit

Your submission(s) should be sent via email to Theresa Pocock, Submissions Editor, at submissions and should include a statement that you have read and agree to the linked release form with the current version number HERE.


Other ways to contribute

Many talented individuals have joined the Team to assist in other areas, including editing, narration, cover art, graphic design, web design, publicity, and marketing. If you would like to help in ways other than writing, or have any additional questions about the site, feel free to contact us through submissions [at] bigworldnetwork [dot] com or contact [at] bigworldnetwork [dot] com.

Thank you for choosing Big World Network.