Thank you to those who believed in us and helped with the beginning of something great!

Marchia Abokie
David Bertellotti
Trina Boice
Jen Borlick
Chris Eklund
Charlee Fischer
Paula Flumerfelt

Joseph Gatch
Michelle Kisbee
Tawn Makela
John Meuwissen
Daniel Mitchell
Thi Nguyen
David Prosser

Tara Talsma
Robert VanZile
Andy Warner
Vicki Washuk
Beo Wolf
Alexander Kimball

Thank you, also, to the wonderful people who donated to our gofundme!

Cody Langille

Riley Amos Westbrook

 Todd Westover

Karla Jay

James McGovern

Clare Coleman

Steven Odenthal

Kevin Blake

Tom Jager

…and many other wonderful anonymous donors!