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Our method of serialization makes us unique as a publisher, and we never ask for any money from the authors we represent for the editing, typesetting, or cover designs we provide. Not even for the ISBN. And right now, our authors, editors, and narrators are all doing this for free. The authors take home the largest percentage of royalties on book sales, but that doesn’t begin to cover all of the work that goes into each series and season.

Since our launch in 2011 we’ve worked, free of pay, to create a network of new and upcoming authors to better help them do what they love most, and with your help, we can do more; we can finally get our contributors the compensation they deserve for their time and effort, and provide our readers and listeners even more fantastic series.

Patreon helps fans like you find, support, and engage with the creators they love, bringing patronage back to the 21st century just as BWN is bringing back the age-old concept of the serial into the digital world. If you like what we are doing, check out our Patreon page and the perks you get for giving even just $1 a month as a BWN patron to support this unique idea and its creators.


Spending just $1 a month is an easy way to help promote and get early access to news about what’s new and upcoming. New series, cover art, books releases, conventions, and more! You also get the undying affection and admiration from the team and authors!


For $5 a month you not only get early information only posted here, but each month you can choose an already published book to take with you in digital format. Since we haven’t found a way to beam it right into your head just yet, you choose the format you prefer (small steps). You also get access to a periodic streaming Q&A Session with some of our Authors and/or Team Members where you can interact and ask questions for more in-depth info.

  • eBookKindle (.mobi format) for all kindle devices, eBook (.epub format) generic eBook format that will work with most all eReaders, and PDF (.pdf format) usable by most eReaders and PCs.
  • Audiobook – MP3s, delivered in multiple zip files, means you can take the story with you and listen whilst you do other things that require hand-eye coordination.


The digital revolution made it easier for everyone to get books, but nothing beats holding the real thing. And who doesn’t love that new book smell? We think of this level as the BigWorldNetwork book club, because at $15 a month you’ll get a new paperback of your choice delivered each month. And you still get access to early information, and our periodic Q&A Sessions.


At $25 a month, you choose a single book title each month and will not only get the paperback, but the audiobook and eBook too. You still get access to early information, our periodic Q&A Sessions, and as a special thanks for being so generous, we will include your name on our Wall of Fame on the BigWorldNetwork site to forever immortalize you as one our most generous patrons.

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