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by Wendy Herman
Bonus Season 5    [15]    Drama / Action

A seemingly normal day nearly cost Freya her youngest son, giving birth to her transformation from Super Mom to Super Secret Agent.


by Myssah Lee & Ray M. Beasley
Season 6    [18]    Sci-fi / Action

Love and survival in a violent new world.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 4    [15]    Action / Fantasy

The chronicles of the Cleansing Light, Sir Vlishgnath.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 3    [15]    Fantasy / Action

Before the Light shone, darkness prevailed.


by James Hellvig
Season 4    [15]    Action / Drama

Sometimes being haunted by your past can be what saves you.


by Tawn Krakowski
Season 4   [18]    Modern Fantasy / Action

Toni Drake is a professional thief. And maybe…not quite human.

queen of diamonds=

by Wendy Herman
Season 5    [15]    Drama / Action

Willa’s dream cruise becomes a nightmare when she ends up on an uncharted island with a wounded movie star and a crate of diamonds.


by Paula Flumerfelt
Season 4    [15]    Fantasy / Action

No one remains who they were as a child; some change for the better, some change for the worst.


by Lucy Bell
Season 3    [15]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Action

Saving the world doesn’t always mean following the rules, not for Guardian Billie Morgan.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 5    [15]    Fantasy / Action

The bloodline rises once again to fulfill a vendetta thousands of years old.


by David Prosser
Season 2    [18]    Horror / Action

Even Heaven and Hell may come together to face a common enemy.


by Jospeh Gatch & Daniel Mitchell
Season 1    [12]    Fantasy / Steampunk / Action

A Transdimensional Adventure starring Phineas Frakture and Sir Vlishgnath the Cleansing Light.

bloodshot buck

by W.H. Wood & Mitch K. Allan
Season 4    [18]    Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action

Humanity is no longer alone, and they’re evolving, as two women struggle to cope with their duties in a new frontier.


by Raelke Grimmer
Season 3    [12]    Young Adult / Action

Madison’s determination to join the sprint-mazing pro circuit is tested in a way she never saw coming.


by Jared Quan
Miniseries    [15]    Supernatural / Action

When the past is classified, sometimes it’s meant to stay buried.


by Tawn Krakowski
Season 4    [15]    Fantasy / Action

Kai Amari embarks upon her first mission as an Inquisitor of Naderu, but what she discovers threatens everything she holds sacred.


by Mikey Wyatt
Season 2    [15]    Modern Fantasy / Comedy / Action

After Vivace’s girlfriend sleeps with his best friend, he doesn’t think life can get worse…until he finds himself on the front lines of a war that threatens his city.


by Lucas James Pralle
Season 2    [18]    Modern Fantasy / Fantasy / Action

This zany fantasy adventure pushes the boundaries of literature and audio while taking you on a mad dash multiverse extravaganza.


by Raymond Sardella
Season 1    [15]    Fantasy / Supernatural / Action

The war of Heaven and Olympus against the great Titans rages on.


A BigWorldNetwork Author Collaboration
Season 4  by Marielle Miller  [15]    Sci-Fi / Action

Journey from an unfortunate future to the distant past and back again, where the fate of mankind rests on the choices of one man.


by Daniel Mitchell
Season 5    [15]    Fantasy / Action

An eastern wind brings demons to the shores of the western kingdoms.


by Jospeh Gatch & Daniel Mitchell
Season 1    [12]    Fantasy / Steampunk / Action

A Transdimensional Adventure starring Phineas Frakture and Sir Vlishgnath the Cleansing Light.


by Raymond Sardella
Season 1    [15]    Fantasy / Supernatural / Action

The war of Heaven and Olympus against the great Titans rages on.


by Joseph Gatch
Season 3    [15]    Action / Comedy / Historical

Piracy the old fashioned way…this isn’t an amusement park ride.

by Joseph Gatch
Season 3    [15]    Action / Comedy / Historical

More high seas adventure…without the yo ho ho.


by Darius Powell
Season 2    [18]    Drama / Action

Sometimes even a detective needs to commit a few small crimes to solve a big one.


by Derick William Dalton
Season 1    [15]    Action / Sci-Fi

Ranyk isn’t cut out for political espionage, but if he doesn’t learn fast, it could mean his freedom, the safety of forty thousand colonists, and the lives of his friends.



by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 1    [18]    Action / Drama

If Joey can’t reign in his new partner, Sara, it might mean the end for both of them.


by Philip McCormac
Season 4    [15]    Fantasy / Action / Historical

Marley does not believe he is destined for anything great, but when called upon by the angels of heaven, he may prove to turn the tides of history.


by Montgomery Thompson
Season 4    [15]    Sci-Fi / Action

Humans have existed for only a tiny fraction of Earth’s 4.2 billion year history…or so we thought.


by Amelia Kibbie
Season 2 [15] Young Adult / Fantasy / Action

A Cinderella with ambitions beyond a prince and happily ever after. She didn’t lose a glass slipper — she left behind a bloody dagger.


by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 2 [18] Drama / Action

The patients in the Asylum can’t help but struggle through the day, unsure if it’s a hallucination or something real.

by Joseph Gatch
Season 3 [15] Action / Comedy / Historical

Some heroes are born, others are groomed. This is the story of one who is trained by the best to become a swashbuckler.

by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 2 [18] Action / Sci-Fi

When Earl travels to his first world other than his home, he finds out what hell really is.

by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 2 [18] Sci-fi / Drama / Action

The miracle of life, the terror of death.


by M. Jones
Season 1 [18] Action / Drama
A twisted collage of insanity and murder, where the perception of what we believe to be true is shattered in the face of what is.


by Riley Amos Westbrook and Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 3 [18] Action / Drama

Thomas tries to keep himself and his sister alive after the world ends.



by Daniel Mitchell
Season 3    [15]    Fantasy / Action

The greatest commander the church has ever known finds himself to be mankind’s greatest hope for survival.