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by James Hellvig
Season 4    [15]    Action / Drama

Sometimes being haunted by your past can be what saves you.


by Wendy Herman
Bonus Season 5    [15]    Drama / Action

A seemingly normal day nearly cost Freya her youngest son, giving birth to her transformation from Super Mom to Super Secret Agent.


by Patty Down
Season 1    [18]    Drama / Romance

Love isn’t a choice.  Sometimes it is a slap in the face.


by Jonathan Thompson
Season 4    [15]    Drama / Sci-fi

In a world where twin cities are divided by clashing cultures, murder changes everything.


by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 1    [18]    Action / Drama

If Joey can’t reign in his new partner, Sara, it might mean the end for both of them.


by Dora Gonzalez
Season 4    [15]    Fantasy / Drama

A new battle of good versus evil lies on the horizon; destinies MUST BE accepted and sacrifices MUST BE made.

queen of diamonds=

by Wendy Herman
Season 5    [15]    Drama / Action

Willa’s dream cruise becomes a nightmare when she ends up on an uncharted island with a wounded movie star and a crate of diamonds.


by May Woodworth
Bonus Season 2    [18]    Drama / Historical / Romance

Love and loss from the past often have closer ties to the present than we want to admit.


by Arthur W. Johnson
Season 3    [15]   Historical / Drama

The real life journey Seamus embarks on from the Old World to the New shapes both his life and the lives of others.


by Arthur W. Johnson
Season 2    [15]   Historical / Drama

Fictional accounts of real life journeys in the New World, shaping both personal lives and history.


by Dora Gonzalez
Season 1   [15]    Fantasy / Drama

The battle is won but the war for their souls is about to begin; the lines between Evil and Good will blur as the quest for what was lost unfolds.


by Darius Powell
Season 2    [18]    Drama / Action

Sometimes even a detective needs to commit a few small crimes to solve a big one.


by Arthur W. Johnson
Season 2    [15]   Historical / Drama

Fictional accounts of real life journeys in the New World, shaping both personal lives and history.


by Jennifer Wright
Season 4 [15] Hystorical / Drama

Bigger doesn’t always mean better if you lose sight of yourself along the way.


by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 2 [18] Drama / Action

The patients in the Asylum can’t help but struggle through the day, unsure if it’s a hallucination or something real.

by Leigh Lincoln
Season 3 [15] Drama

Home is not always what we think.


by Jacqueline Harmon Butler
Season 2 [18] Romance / Drama

Unexpected love turns Julie’s world upside down, while twists and turns of fate send her on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.


by David Talon
Season 2 [18] Fantasy / Drama

With the help of Ghostdog, a man with the power to walk the Shadowlands, Lady Sword-son is destined to forge a new dynasty in the fires of civil war.


by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 2 [18] Sci-fi / Drama / Action

The miracle of life, the terror of death.


by M. Jones
Season 1 [18] Action / Drama
A twisted collage of insanity and murder, where the perception of what we believe to be true is shattered in the face of what is.


by Riley Amos Westbrook and Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 3 [18] Action / Drama

Thomas tries to keep himself and his sister alive after the world ends.