Modern Fantasy

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by Tawn Krakowski
Season 4   [18]    Modern Fantasy / Action

Toni Drake is a professional thief. And maybe…not quite human.


by J. Christopher Thompson
Season 7    [15]    Modern Fantasy / Supernatural

Time may have buried the Court of Camelot, but it is not forgotten.


by Taylor Hart
Season 3    [12]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy

All normal teenage girls have secrets they want to keep hidden.  Lanie is not a normal teenage girl.


by Lucy Bell
Season 3    [15]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Action

Saving the world doesn’t always mean following the rules, not for Guardian Billie Morgan.


by Aura Burrows
Season 4    [15]    Supernatural / Modern Fantasy

Cold is all you will ever know, except when there is food. YOUR food…


by Eliza Enea
Season 3    [12]    Modern Fantasy / Comedy

Fairytales coming to life during your University years are often more annoying than magical.


by M.L. Miller
Season 3    [15]    Children / Modern Fantasy

You never can tell when you might find yourself…in the Worlds Below.


by Estela Avery
Season 2    [18]   Modern Fantasy / Fantasy / Gay Romance

Eli’s imaginary prince suddenly becomes real, bringing with him a world of fantasy Eli never expected, and a chance at love neither are prepared for.


by Mikey Wyatt
Season 2    [15]    Modern Fantasy / Comedy / Action

After Vivace’s girlfriend sleeps with his best friend, he doesn’t think life can get worse…until he finds himself on the front lines of a war that threatens his city.


by Lucas James Pralle
Season 2    [18]    Modern Fantasy / Fantasy / Action

This zany fantasy adventure pushes the boundaries of literature and audio while taking you on a mad dash multiverse extravaganza.


by Charles Eades
Season 3    [12]    Modern Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Sometimes it takes an animal – or three – to teach us what it means to be human, and maybe even…a superhero.


by M.L. Miller
Season 2    [12]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy

Only the Guardian can balance Earth and Gildain and save both from destruction.


by May Woodworth
Season 3 [15]
Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Romance

Will Earth be sacrificed to join these twin flame soul mates?