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by Myssah Lee & Ray M. Beasley
Season 6    [18]    Sci-fi / Action

Love and survival in a violent new world.


by Jared Quan
Season 5    [12]    Sci-fi / Comedy / Fantasy

Sometimes the oddest fellowship is the one that saves the world – even a world like Wax.


by Berin Stephens
Season 2    [12]    Comedy / Sci-fi

No one ever said being a space pirate would be easy.


by Jonathan Thompson
Season 4    [15]    Drama / Sci-fi

In a world where twin cities are divided by clashing cultures, murder changes everything.


by Paula Flumerfelt
Season 6    [18]    Sci-fi

An unlikely alliance aboard the Lunar Grim may decide the fate of the galaxy.


by Bethany Ricks
Season 1    [12]    Sci-fi / Supernatural

The idea that death is only the beginning is only too true on another planet.


by Raelke Grimmer
Season 3    [15]    Sci-fi / Young Adult

Sometimes the difference between a dream and reality isn’t as defined as you think.


by Sam Kerns
Season 3    [15]    Sci-fi

This is the true story of the Terus Cataclysm.

bloodshot buck

by W.H. Wood & Mitch K. Allan
Season 4    [18]    Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action

Humanity is no longer alone, and they’re evolving, as two women struggle to cope with their duties in a new frontier.


by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 3    [18]    Horror / Sci-Fi / Mystery

Beneath the fertile soil of America’s heartland, a dark nightmare has resurfaced.


by Berin Stephens
Season 3    [12]    Comedy / Sci-Fi

No one ever said being a space pirate would be easy.


by James Hellvig
Season 3    [15]    Sci-fi / Comedy

Being a smart teenager is hard….being too smart in the not-too-distant-future could be lethal.


A BigWorldNetwork Author Collaboration
Season 4  by Marielle Miller  [15]    Sci-Fi / Action

Journey from an unfortunate future to the distant past and back again, where the fate of mankind rests on the choices of one man.


by Berin Stephens
Season 1    [12]    Comedy / Sci-Fi

No one ever said being a space pirate would be easy.


by Montgomery Thompson
Season 1    [PG]    Sci-Fi / Comedy

Taking over a world isn’t as easy as you think – not when an inquisitive ten-year-old and several locals are determined to save their planet.



by Charles Eades
Season 3    [12]    Modern Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Sometimes it takes an animal – or three – to teach us what it means to be human, and maybe even…a superhero.


by Derick William Dalton
Season 1    [15]    Action / Sci-Fi

Ranyk isn’t cut out for political espionage, but if he doesn’t learn fast, it could mean his freedom, the safety of forty thousand colonists, and the lives of his friends.



by Montgomery Thompson
Season 4    [15]    Sci-Fi / Action

Humans have existed for only a tiny fraction of Earth’s 4.2 billion year history…or so we thought.

by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 2 [18] Action / Sci-Fi

When Earl travels to his first world other than his home, he finds out what hell really is.

by Philip C. McCormac
Season 2 [PG] Young Adult / Sci-Fi

Trapped between Megacities and the Wildness in a brave new Britain, can two young siblings find the last land of peace and harmony?

by Robert S. C. Cutler
Season 2 [18] Sci-fi / Drama / Action

The miracle of life, the terror of death.