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by Jared Quan
Miniseries    [15]    Supernatural / Action

When the past is classified, sometimes it’s meant to stay buried.


by Michael Young
Season 9    [12]    Fantasy / Supernatural

The age of Archangels is an age of destruction.


by Amanda Meuwissen
Season 1    [15]    Supernatural / Horror

Even a collector of souls has to watch his back when murder beats him to his work.


by Anna Knaus
Season 1    [15]    Supernatural / Young Adult

Raphael must discover his true power or risk being lost for all eternity.


by Amanda Meuwissen
Season 12    [18]    Gay Romance / Supernatural

Nathan only ever wanted a normal life, but for him, life, family, and love are anything but normal.


by J. Christopher Thompson
Season 7    [15]    Modern Fantasy / Supernatural

Time may have buried the Court of Camelot, but it is not forgotten.


by Tawn Krakowski
Special    [15]    Supernatural / Romance

Even in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse…true love never dies.


by Bethany Ricks
Season 1    [12]    Sci-fi / Supernatural

The idea that death is only the beginning is only too true on another planet.


by Raymond Sardella
Season 1    [15]    Fantasy / Supernatural / Action

The war of Heaven and Olympus against the great Titans rages on.


by Roxana Kiril
Season 4    [18]   Supernatural / Horror

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”
–Winston Churchill


by Aura Burrows
Season 4    [15]    Supernatural / Modern Fantasy

Cold is all you will ever know, except when there is food. YOUR food…


by Aura Burrows
Miniseries    [12]    Supernatural / Romance

This is the tale of Catnip Cris, and a very special cat.


by Raymond Sardella
Season 1    [15]    Fantasy / Supernatural / Action

The war of Heaven and Olympus against the great Titans rages on.


by Jared Quan
Season 5    [18]    Supernatural / Horror

Silver plated .45 in one hand and a black barrel Desert Eagle in the other, Ryan’s best weapon against what goes bump in the night might just be himself.


by Riley Amos Westbrook & Sara Lynn Westbrook
Season 1    [18]    Supernatural / Horror

If the zombies don’t kill you, there’s always you, the rest of mankind, and nature itself to pick up the slack.


by Edgar White
Season 4    [18]    Supernatural / Horror

When dreams invade reality, and insanity seems close behind, Maria finds herself in the midst of a chaotic battle for the fate of the world.


by Philip Skousen
Season 5    [15]    Supernatural

An eye for an eye… What if God enforced that infamous verse?

by Amanda Meuwissen
Season 3 [15] Gay Romance / Supernatural / Young Adult

The last thing Emery expected at the end of his senior year of high school was to become a vampire and fall in love with his best friend.