Young Adult

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by Berin Stephens
Season 7    [12]    Young Adult / Comedy / Fantasy

Myrick the Magnificent relates tales of his magic socks and his days serving as a messenger for the Kingdom of Fringolia.


by Taylor Hart
Season 3    [12]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy

All normal teenage girls have secrets they want to keep hidden.  Lanie is not a normal teenage girl.


by Lucy Bell
Season 3    [15]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Action

Saving the world doesn’t always mean following the rules, not for Guardian Billie Morgan.


by Raelke Grimmer
Season 3    [15]    Sci-fi / Young Adult

Sometimes the difference between a dream and reality isn’t as defined as you think.


by Anna Knaus
Season 1    [15]    Supernatural / Young Adult

Raphael must discover his true power or risk being lost for all eternity.


by M.L. Miller
Season 2    [12]    Young Adult / Modern Fantasy

Only the Guardian can balance Earth and Gildain and save both from destruction.


by Raelke Grimmer
Season 3    [12]    Young Adult / Action

Madison’s determination to join the sprint-mazing pro circuit is tested in a way she never saw coming.


by Berin Stephens
Season 4    [12]    Young Adult / Superhero

There are times when even a sidekick can reach deep within themselves and discover the hero within.


by May Woodworth
Season 3 [15]
Young Adult / Modern Fantasy / Romance

Will Earth be sacrificed to join these twin flame soul mates?


by Amelia Kibbie
Season 2 [15] Young Adult / Fantasy / Action

A Cinderella with ambitions beyond a prince and happily ever after. She didn’t lose a glass slipper — she left behind a bloody dagger.

by Philip C. McCormac
Season 2 [PG] Young Adult / Sci-Fi

Trapped between Megacities and the Wildness in a brave new Britain, can two young siblings find the last land of peace and harmony?

by Amanda Meuwissen
Season 3 [15] Gay Romance / Supernatural / Young Adult

The last thing Emery expected at the end of his senior year of high school was to become a vampire and fall in love with his best friend.